Earth and Environmental Studies

Earth Environment Sustainability and Ecology

The Earth Sanctuary World Nature Centre is a family-owned company providing a focus on ecology, culture, astronomy and sustainable practices. The Centre is best known for star watching and educational tours and is a partner with Austour in this program of learning adventures.

Alice Springs Desert Park is a government-owned facility and Austour partner that brings the Central Australian Desert to life. Students gain an understanding that the country around them is ancient, exciting and dynamic.

Larapinta Trail: a walk on the Larapinta Trail with Austour and our Aboriginal guide will introduce students to bush tucker, flora and fauna and learning about Indigenous skills. Walks up to 7 days are available and can fulfil the outcomes in your schools Duke of Edinburgh Award program.

Desert Knowledge Australia: is a national organisation undertaking key activities to contribute to a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable future for desert Australia.

Planning a Tour, the above organisations can be co ordinated by Austour to put together a unique 7 day schedule or a schedule and timing to meet an adult or student group tour.  Let Austour assist you during this very important planning stage.  Remote regions are a speciality.