Australian Schools

Combining Touring with Education

Years 6 – 12

Join us for one of these Exceptional Educational Experiences

Austour creates exciting trips designed specifically for students. We combine fun and adventure with key educational outcomes for all, including meeting many requirements of the new Australian Indigenous Curriculum.

Year 6 Primary Students: are now travelling outside their home states. A visit to Uluru and Alice Springs with a minimum of travel and the opportunity to say ‘hello’ to Aboriginal students, kick a football or throw a basketball and have fun will create lifetime memories.

Year 7–8 Junior High School Students: Austour provides a series of basic tours that can be adapted to fit all Junior, Middle and High Schools. The content and theme of the trip can be varied – from an introductory level for junior school to bonding, teamwork and fun programs. Study the itineraries and discuss your thoughts with Austour. We will use our five decades of experience to help you plan your trip and achieve your curriculum outcomes.

Years 9–10 Middle Years: Austour students have the opportunity for full immersion with communities and indigenous schools. We have even arranged for a school band to travel to The Centre and perform concerts. Sporting groups can play community teams; an art class can meet and work with artists of the region who create in a number of disciplines. Perhaps an organised 7-day walk on the Laparinta Trail for a component for the school’s Duke of Edinburgh Award; maybe several themes can be combined and your group undertakes different challenges and then reassembles. Larger numbers of students travelling mean better value and more choice. Let your thoughts run wild, and then call the Austour specialists!

Years 11-12: Acknowledging that students in senior years are immersed in studies and concentrating on schoolwork, perhaps a relaxed, casual and short 5 or 6-day experience could provide bonding and friendship opportunities to spark a renewal of enthusiasm. Reconciliation Week in the last weekend of May provides an excellent opportunity to meet and enjoy the friendship of Aboriginal students and to lend a helping hand with younger students. Perhaps include a formal dinner Outback dinner, special fun team-building activities, a mini Henley-on-Todd, land yachting or abseiling with professional instructors or participation in Reconciliation events in The Alice.

A similar program could be conducted by Austour in NAIDOC Week (during the second term break in July). The end-of-year Schoolies Week alternative could be made as a highlight of a lifetime in a constructive and fun way … and there may be a little more time to expand and add content to the itinerary. Student input could be very interesting and constructive.
Include a Reconciliation theme as an option for Schoolies Week can enhance the regular school safari.